What Is Hacking ? All Information About Hacker

Hacking – what is it?

A hacker is an individual who works constantly to find ways, identify loopholes in the systems of the masses, and eventually get away with whatever may be used in their favor. However, not anybody can be a hacker as to be a hacker; you must have some skills or two to perform an act of invasion.

However, the confusion arises when this term is directly given a bad image or perception, which is not the truth. These hackers are distributed into categories based upon the intentions of the hackers. Some of the hackers are ethical; some are cracker while the third version of hackersare called as the midway hacker. Hence, hackers are classified based upon the actions they deliver.

The basic hacker:

The logical idea you have in your mind about the common hacker where such people use their skill, blood and sweat to steal your data for their own use. They mostly try to find loopholes in companies, organizations, etc. steal data from them and use to either ask for ransom money or sell the data to the highest bidder. Basic hackers can be avoided straightly by using ransomware protection tools. These programs donot recover the data from hackers but make sure that they don’t get access to your data in the first place.

Grey hat (the in between hacker):

There exists a common bridge between the negative and the positive side of the hacking industry. Such kind of a hacker can enter into your system without your permission. But what it does with the information solely depends upon him/her whether to use that information for personal purposes or notify the owner about their weaknesses and let them repair it quickly.

Ethical hacker:

Such type of hacking community usually has the skill but does not use their skill against the average, unprotected user. These hackers usually work for the government and do harm the users in any way. The officials of a given state contact them whenever they are lost or are up against the harmful hackers, getting information about criminal, finding loopholes in a system’s security and more to improve the overall efficiency.

Different forms of crimes online:

Fraud online: deceptive techniques used to lure the user into giving up their personal data via the usage of their PCs and laptops.

Violation of privacy: all the information that is deemed to be personal like phone numbers, addresses, social media profiles etc. are usually exposed to the world without your permission or if you do not adhere to their demands.

Not respecting copyright concept: someone’s property means it has copyrights in their favors, which restricts the owner stay on the top always, and prevent the unethical copying of talent.

Funds transfer online: getting into your bank account online is one of the most drooling option for hackers who could while sitting at home make your life a living hell. You might be in London when you are notified of your card making purchases in Hong Kong.

ATM Fraud: the hackers also have the ability to record the credentials of your ATM pin number and later on use them to collect funds or withdraw them from the intercepted accounts.

Spamming at a greater pace:

Almost one out of every three online user have complained how easily their accounts or junk box is filled with useless emails. The best you should do is to ignore them and never open them unless you know the sender is trusted.


Hacking would not be stopped anytime sooner. Thinking one day it will all will vanish is a false reality. However, never consider the fact that there is only a negative side of the hacking and nothing positive could be derived from it. Many people are working in a parallel direction with government officials to recover things that are out of hands.

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